NOT All Compost Is Created EQUAL!

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Compost is so important in the garden, yet the quality of store-bought compost seems to be diminishing drastically. In this video, we take a look at some of the characteristics of store-bought compost, and then I put it up against my homemade compost.

Although this is not a scientific test, I am sure you have noticed some of the same findings in the composts you have bought recently.

Making your own compost at home has many benefits over store-bought composts or potting soils such as:-

1. The Cost. It is way cheaper to produce your own compost at home. Have you seen how much compost prices at the store are increasing?

2. Quality. You can control the quality of the compost you make. Composts you buy seem to be very inconsistent from one bag to the next even with the same brand.

3. Ingredients. Most store-bought compost is made up of a lot of curbside green waste, You have no idea whether there was a broadleaf pesticide used in the garden before it was collected. Composting at home means you control everything that is added to your compost.

4. Life. Yes, Life. When you make your own compost from your garden waste, It is thriving with life. Bacteria, protozoa, nematodes, fungi all these microorganisms improve the quality of your soil and increase plant size and pest and disease resistance.

5. Composting at home is environmentally friendly. It is perfect for managing waste, rather than it going to landfills or fuels used to collect, grind, turn, package, distribute, and for you to go to the store to buy. Each process uses fuels that raise the C02 values, whereas composting at home removes this as you take it from the garden to the compost pile, then when composted put it back into the garden to enrich your soils.

I know you may have had issues with composting before, Whether it didn’t break down, or even turned into a smelly mess. But in my book Composting Masterclass I take you through the whole process right down to the microscopic level so that you get a full understanding of the process.

Understanding the process fully means that you know exactly what is happening in your compost at any given time. if a problem arises with your compost, you’ll know exactly what to do to sort it out, or even prevent it in the first place.

Join the millions of people who are making quality nutrient-dense compost for their gardens and become a master of your own space.

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