I Grew 450 lbs Of Potatoes The Lazy Way Never Dig Again!

I Grew 450 lbs Of Potatoes The Lazy Way. Never Dig Again! Throughout this video, I share my tips for growing potatoes in containers or buckets to get the best results. I will give you practical information you can implement today to harvest 450 lbs of potatoes at home.

00:00 Introduction to Growing Potatoes In Containers
00:15 Growing Potatoes Is Easy
00:30 Sprouting Potatoes For Controlling The Size of Potatoes
01:45 Alternatives To Growing Potatoes In The Ground
02:29 Filling Containers When Growing Potatoes
02:50 Steps To Take When Planting Potatoes In Containers
05:40 Get A Kick Start On Growing Potatoes Early In The Season
06:06 Oakland Gardens Containers Code and Link
06:26 Supporting Container Grown Potatoes
08:55 Automatic Watering System For Growing Potatoes In Containers
11:17 How To Know If Your Potatoes Are Getting The Right Amount Of Water
12:28 Should You Remove The Flowers On Potatoes
12:54 How To Prevent Blight and Scab on Potatoes
14:01 Automation for Watering Potatoes Saves Time
14:41 Harvesting Container-Grown Potatoes The Easy Way.
15:19 Why Growing Potatoes In Containers Is Easier Than In The Ground
15:53 Top Tip. Kids Love Harvesting Container Potatoes, So Get Them Involved.
16:13 Curing Potatoes Before Storage
16:18 Storing Potato Discussion.
17:28 Talking About The Setup And How Easy It Is When Growing Potatoes
18:28 Reusing the Soil When Growing Potatoes In Containers
18:49 Conclusion on How I Grew 450 lbs Of Potatoes The Lazy Way. Never Dig Again!

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